Teach English using Skype

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You can teach English using the New Headway language course via Skype


Teach languages via Skype ?

Thousands of language teachers today use Skype to offer long distance
English language lessons to students worldwide.

All the teacher needs are the New Headway course books, the student's book and the workbook.
And the student needs just the student's book and the workbook.

Once both student and teacher have the same teaching material,
you can both get together via Skype, and have great English lessons.

The advantages of using Skype to teach English
are great for both the student and the teacher.

The student does not have to travel to a language school, nor pay an
expensive home tutor, and can have lessons at flexible times.

Location is not an issue, and the student can be at home, at college, on holiday, wherever,
all he or she needs is an internet connection and of course the New Headway course books.

The same applies to the teacher, with a few more advantages:
1: No need to work at a language school and hence no need to travel
2: Teach from home
3: Also teach students thousands of miles distant and not have to rely only on local students
4: Teach in the evenings after work, or teach via skype as main teaching job
5: No need to rent expensive classroom / school premises


How does the teacher find Skype students
and how do students find Skype teachers ?

Teachers can get a profile on www.skypelearn.com
and students can go to www.skypelearn.com to find teachers.


No idea on how to teach English using Skype ?

Take our 3 hour course and become an expert:
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Learn languages using Skype